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Gem Part No. 544019, Flat-Prescored Eyelets

Flat Flange eyelets are recommended when a low profile or a clearance factor is required. Soft materials, where a Rolled Flange could distort the surface, and recessed applications are other criteria for this style of eyelet. They are the second most popular flange for printed circuits.

Prescored Eyelets for printed circuitry are prescored at equally spaced points on the barrel ID, so as to cause uniform splitting to (but not below) the printed circuit pad. They permit a unique soldering sequence as a single pass over a wave solder machine causes solder fillet to be formed on both sides of the board. Manufactured from oxygen-free, high conductivity copper, they can be supplied with any standard electroplated finish.


Manufacturer Part No.


Barrel OD

0.046 in

Barrel ID

0.034 in

Length Under Flange

0.092 in

Flange Diameter

0.078 in